A guy that does things, and thinks that having a reason for doing so is largely overrated. Self-proclaimed meta-artist, Dutch dynamic designer, and creative suit. Founder of de Idee, et al. Living with gf Myrthe Deluxe + 👧 Nine Mia Jade Yasmine + 👦 Nikola Mikael Ruben Benjamin + 🐕 + 🐈.

Featured projects (in alphabetical order): A World of Spam, allrgb, Anonymous.Social, Apple Beard Condom (with Matthijs Booij), Default.style, L E T T E R E T T E R S (with 11 designers), Mimesia (Mimesia Gallery, Mimesia Church, et al), Neo-æstheticism, Netplasticism, Onzinnen (e-issn 2667-0356), Periodic System of the Elements, The Promptocrat, Prosecco Friday (with a couple of bubbly friends), Superposition Day, Utterly Random (e-issn 2667-0666).

Internet art (in reverse chronological order): Who’s Afraid of The Blues, 5G Vaccine, The Greatest Work of Art, Gaydients, Hyper Hyper Link, Zufärben, This Is Not Hope For Minimal Abstract Art Part 1, Noise Gradients, Graydients, netart.work, Everything is (un)true, Random Gradients, adhdadhdadhd, The Last Work of Art, For The Love of Damien Hirst, Willekleur, Victory Boogie Woogie .com, The Most Expensive Work of Art, Open Composition, Koninklijke Kunst, Artificially Intelligent Design Systems, Socle du Monad, Composition i, The Search for No Title, , Are you going to answer this question with “no”?, Are you going to answer this question with yes or no?, Composition n, La trahison de l’Internet

If you must, you can contact me, or find more of my things at ACJ’s. ∎